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Let us help make your freelance content marketing campaigns easier and more effective than ever. Our team of US-based content professionals has what you need to boost your content marketing to the next level. We offer speedy and professional content marketing that helps you get the results you need! With turnaround times of 48 hours or less in most cases, you can reap the benefits of your marketing initiatives even sooner.

 Approved copywriters

 Quick turnaround

Proofread & edited

 Easy publishing

How it works:

Tell us what you need

Our online brief builder makes the process as streamlined as possible. Simply follow the prompts and give us the information we need to get you the freelance content marketing results you want.

The right writer for the job

Your time is probably better spent on strategy and business initiatives rather than searching for the best content marketing provider. Let us do the heavy lifting and find the best writer from our team of US-based and approved writers.

We write, and edit, for you

Your copy will be proof read and any necessary edits completed before you see it. Don't love it? We can revise based on your feedback. Otherwise, approve and publish. It's as simple as that!

Only approved copywriters

We’ve got the biggest team of approved copywriters in the US.

David Shrauger
Ghost writer & copywriter
Ray Burow
Professional writer & broadcaster
Craig Parks
Freelance writer since 2006
Natalie Orosco
Seasoned SEO copywriter
Brittney Buckley
Experienced writer & editor
Rich Briggs
Freelance columnist
William Kamar
Experienced ghost writer & copywriter
Bonnie Poisson
Voiceover artist & writer

Frequently asked questions

Q) Is your freelance content marketing team US-based?

A) Yes, fully vetted and approved. Only the best content providers pass our stringent application process.

Q) What's the cost?

A) Prices start at $0.06/word depending on what you need. Simply fill in the order form or contact us for a more detailed quote.

Q) What if I'm not fully pleased with the copy?

A) Our team is happy to edit the piece based on your feedback.

Q) What happens after an order is placed?

A) You will have an online account where you can access the copy and we will email you when the order is ready.

Q) How do you know what I need?

A) Once you complete our straightforward brief builder we will have all of the information we need.

Q) Can you help even if I don't know what I need?

A) Yes, complete the form below and someone will get back to you.

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