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Whether you need personal or business copy producing, at Copify we can find you a legal copywriter to produce professional content with a quick turnaround. Our freelance writers have been assessed and approved, meaning you’ll always receive high-quality work. There’s no need to review profiles yourself, as we’ll take care of this internally.

 Approved copywriters

 Quick turnaround

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How it works:

Put together a brief

Use our brief builder when placing your order to make giving instructions easy. Here you can input any information you think is necessary, like keywords, tone of voice, and topics. All of this helps us to match you to the perfect legal copywriter.

We’ll write your content

Your specially selected legal copywriter will complete the work within 48 hours. Internally, we’ll make sure that spelling and grammar is up to scratch before you receive the copy.

You receive the finished product

Once we’ve made sure that the content meets high professional standards, we’ll send it through to you. From here you can upload it automatically to Wordpress and be confident that your content is formatted correctly.

Only approved copywriters

We’ve got the biggest team of approved copywriters in the US.

David Shrauger
Ghost writer & copywriter
Ray Burow
Professional writer & broadcaster
Craig Parks
Freelance writer since 2006
Natalie Orosco
Seasoned SEO copywriter
Brittney Buckley
Experienced writer & editor
Rich Briggs
Freelance columnist
William Kamar
Experienced ghost writer & copywriter
Bonnie Poisson
Voiceover artist & writer

Frequently asked questions

Q) Can I request a US-based legal copywriter?

A) The writer we assign to your job will be from the US. We’ll have already checked their skills and experience, meaning you can be sure you’re receiving a professional job.

Q) Can you tell me how much it costs?

A) Our charges start at $0.06/Word. You can access a more personalized estimate by filling out an order form.

Q) I need my copy tweaking, is this possible?

A) If something isn’t quite up to standard, send us some feedback and we’ll be able to make these changes for you.

Q) So now I’ve placed my order, what’s next?

A) You don’t need to do anything after placing your order, but you can track its progress on your account. When it’s finished you’ll be able to read and approve it.

Q) Will the legal copywriter know what I need?

A) In a simple, one-step process, our brief builder will help you articulate everything you require the writer to do. You can add in as much detail as you need.

Q) I’m not really sure how my job fits in with your services, could I have some advice?

A) If you need some help deciding on the content you need, just input your details below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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